About Us

Welcome to ServerTechnicians

We provide next level server management experiences at a affordable rate and if a server is assigned to us and have Managed backups, then you can have a worry free life and can handle almost all your server related works to us. 

Who Are We

We are a group of ServerAdmins who came together to build a company where we can provide a different level of support at a affordable cost. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a Quality  and affordable server administration using which our customers can concetrate on Sales and Marketing and improve the Business to higher levels. 

Work Process which we follow normally


Identify the Issue/Error

When an issue is reported, We mainly try to find out the root cause for that error.
If we are not able to identify the issue with the error or details given by the client, we will ask for more details and steps to recreate the issue from our end.


Log Search

Our techs will check the logs for more info and find the exact error related to the transaction and then the tech will prepare possible fixes related to that error


Take proper backups

We will take proper backups if needed of File/Folder/Account/Server/Configurations etc  based on the need of the issue so that if issue is not fixed , techs will revert back. If it is a single value then backups might not needed like php ini value etc


Try Possible Fixes

Our L1 , L2 and L3 Techs will try the possible fixes as per the escalation policy and will get the issue fixed. If issue is of urgent manner, then we request clients to add Urgent Tag so that they can get escalated to L3 level directly


Confirm If fix is working

If the steps to recreate the error is there with the techs, then they will confirm the issue is fixed and is no more able to be recreated. 


Update the Customer

Once this is confirmed, techs will update the ticket and put to Awaiting Reply from Customer. 

Why Choose Us?

We provide next-level server management experiences at an affordable rate and if a server is assigned to us and has Managed backups, then you can have a worry-free life and can handle almost all your server related works to us.

Our team is having more than 50 Years collective expereince and some of the senior staff is having more than 15 years experience in the Hosting Field.

You can contact us via Livechat 24/7 for Sales and for Ticket update asking. But For Support we always prefer Ticket Based Support.

We manage the servers 24/7 round the clock and try to fix the issues detected at the earliest

If by chance server went down, we will help you to get the server up by rebooting at the earliest provided you have shared the server Data center login details with us.

We do weekly OS patching and also do monthly server audit and will sent the report based on our checks in audit on Ist week of every month. 

First 3 Months support admin hours will be limited to a fair usage policy of 5 hours per month and after 3 months buffer period, hourly limit is removed. 

Some Numbers

As a Company these are of some of the numbers related to our customer base

Server Clients
Servers We Manage
Software Cleints
Websites Developed so far

Do you want to know more about us ? Please contact us !

If you are interested in any of our services, please whatsup us or email us using the contact us form and we will try to help you as early as possible.