Next Level Linux Server Management at Affordable price

Linux Server Management

We provide next level server management experiences at a affordable rate and if a server is assigned to us and have Managed backups, then you can have a worry free life and can handle almost all your server related works to us. 

How can we help you?

We can help you any works related to Linux Servers be in One time Support to fix one odd issues or need a regualr and ongoing support or be it Malware Removal or any other kind of attack. With our collective expereince of more than 30 years our team can resolve almost all the issues. 

Server Management - With Control panel

In this plan we handle almost all Paid Control panel based servers like

Interworkx etc

Server Management - No Panel | Free Panel

In this category, we manage all servers which are having free panels like
Ajenti, Webmin,
Cyberpanel,VestaCP etc

Also handles servers that are installed manually and have no panels.

Hourly Support - Basic

We do provide Per hour support at affordable rates and this can be mainly used for
Server Setup,
Server Hardening,
New Server Installations,
Malware Cleanup,
Custom Bash Scripting etc

Hourly Support - Emergency

We do provide Phone Support and Emergency Support and rate will be a bit premium but you can call us any time for this support. You can use this plan to handle issues related to below
Server Down,
Server Attacks,
Load Issues,
Kernel Boot up issues etc

Malware Scanning and Cleanup Service

If you plan to have some one who can scan you machines on a regualr basis and send you the report and clean up as well done by the same team, then this plan is for you.

For Scan service, we will simply scan the accounts using all popular free options like Maldet|Clamscan and Also using in house developed custom Malware Signatures and Yara Rules

In Cleanup Service, we will do both Scan and Cleaning and will send the report.

Software Products

In these 2 Sections are there

1. Website development Using WordPress

2. Software Products like

> Malware Scanner
> Custom ModsecRules
> Malware Signatures & Yara Rules
> Bash Scripts for Some Common issues


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We Support Almost All Flavours of Linux

Our Techs are having good experience in almost all the flavours of linux and will be able to handle almost all the issues related to the linux servers

Hourly Support - Emergency was Awsome

My server was down with Kernel Boot issue and Edward Picked the phone , and within 1 hour issue is fixed. Thanks Edward !!!!
Jobin Cherian
CEO Cherian Group of Industries

Meet Our Core Team

Below 3 are the Main Members of our team who handles the company in a perfect manner.

Sumesh S

CEO of Sreesha Group of Industries

Sreepriya R Shenoy

Sales and Marketing Head

Edward R

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Do you want to know more about us ? Please contact us !

If you are interested in any of our services, please whatsup us or email us using the contact us form and we will try to help you as early as possible.